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Teacher Development Program

Why Teachers Development Program?

Teachers act as one of the strongest pillars of every society. They help the community move forward by introducing new ideas, embracing the potential and developing the required skill set of a child. Just like any other profession, Teachers also need professional development. With the drastic changes that occur daily in all walks of life, teachers need to be updated on knowledge and skills related to teaching. It will help them become better versions of
themselves by upskilling them and equipping them with better strategies for enhanced classroom learning. As the world is progressing towards a digital era, it is the need of the hour to groom teachers holistically.

How Rareminds will help you?

Rareminds has designed the Teachers Counselling Program in a way that teachers can address and overcome modern-day challenges. The program will allow teachers to use the latest methodologies for transaction of learning materials and communicate effectively with the students. The program will consist of slideshows, videos and interactive experiences to build their knowledge base and at the same time enhance their creativity quotient. It will
assist teachers in conducting group activities and brainstorming sessions for students, thereby making classes more interactive and engaging. It will provide a platform for teachers to learn how the traditional teaching methods can be used along with the newer techniques by leveraging technology. The program has been curated taking into
consideration the different subjects and classes that a teacher is associated with.

The program will include the following content:

  1. Story Telling
  2. Self-Nurturing
  3. Creativity Workshop
  4. Classroom management, positive environment
  5. Digital Teaching and Learning
  6. Teaching methodologies and many more concepts as required by the clients

All these would equip teachers with different tools to grow professionally and manage their classes more effectively. In addition to this, we also offer customized programs as per the needs and requirements of teachers. Rareminds is willing to help teachers who reflect on their growth and are eager to expand their pedagogy. We believe that this program will help in the holistic development of every teacher.

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.