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Communication - A feedback tool

Why is giving the right feedback important? The learning process in a school is carved out to accommodate errors, include mistakes and make room for growth. From a child getting "Star stickers" for his drawing to a student getting remarks on his performance during the final examinations, the practice of giving feedback enhances this overall learning experience in all the phases. It reduces the gap between the current abilities and the future goals by adapting and adjusting their learning strategies. It further boosts the self-confidence and self-awareness of a student. Feedback provides suggestions for improvement and acts as a strong foundation for a positive relationship between a student and a teacher. A Teacher being the guiding light for students, should learn the art of giving effective feedback.

How do we help? We offer services to train teachers in behavioural aspects, thereby giving them a holistic view of the feedback-giving process. We serve teachers associated with the following two categories: 1. Kids (Till 5th Standard) 2. Students (6th-12th Standard) Step 1 – We will understand the existing feedback process followed by you Step 2 – We will then find the gaps and understand your actual pain points Step 3 – As per the concerns, we will conduct a session for you either in a one-on-one format or a group workshop to guide you all along with the feedback processes and different situations you might encounter Step 4 – We will share with you a day-to-day self-support guide

Our solution will include different remarks like the first impression, academic-based, general behavioural feedback, creative skills remark. We will help you in helping students in their learning phases.

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