Why Career Counselling is important?

Before we go into why Career counseling is important, let's first understand what Career counseling is. Career counseling is the process which helps one understand their strengths and weaknesses and their passion as well as industry and work trends so that they can take an informed decision about their career and education.

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Video Resume

Video Resume Seema Renukaprasad December 12, 2020 Helps break unwanted behavior patterns You might be one of the hundreds of thousands of students and professionals who have a hard time…

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Gold for Students

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TESTIMONIALS Ma'am Anika here I think the session was awesome - Anika Elena Stephen, 6th Grade, Riverside School, Kotagiri. This is Arthi and the session was good. - Anna Arthi…

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TESTIMONIALS  Ajay Nayar   Very Informative...Thank you Sonali and Rareminds Shweta Gupta   Informative session Sudarshana Roy ChowdhuryExcellent Shibaji GhoshVery good Ankita DuttaExcellent information Sabyasachi RudraExcellent insights Sonali about the…

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Online webinar on Digital Footprints and Security : Level 3

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Learnings Media Literacy What's News & Fake News Research Skills Sexting & Sextortion Tech Addiction Media Stereotypes Activities on Protecting personal Information Password Safety Email Safety Recap Quiz Social Media…

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