K12 Training for School Students

The Rareminds Hybrid learning program is a combination of Digital models and lessons plans to suit K-12 across all education boards. The Digital content is available in regional languages along with English, that makes us the only bilingual training platform. The digital Curriculum can be paired with Offline worksheets, Experiments & projects for students to explore for further learnings. The Online/Offline teacher program helps with individual or small group engagements to elaborate or explain concepts for additional support. Assessments are diverse methods, to help student understand depth of comprehension & relevance, providing opportunities to explore or advance.

Whilst most teachers and parents want to know whether the child has learnt or not, what is more important is for the child to know what has been learnt. Our programs always begin with Children excited with their learnings, relate to real time situations, apply, and share their learnings with others. It adds further to improve student, confidence, and communication skills. Of course our students they will soon be saying “ I am learning but for beyond , I just teach.” An era of Social learning.


Proven by Students

Inspired by Parents

Loved by Schools