Resilience 2

Perseverance is the only way to success…

Most of us grew up listening to a brand old story of a defeated King Bruce and a spider.
The story goes like this…
Robert the Bruce was a brave king. Once his kingdom was invaded by his enemies. He fought many battles against them and lost each one. At last, he gave up and fled away from his kingdom. He hid in a cave. Overwhelmed by shame, sadness, cowardliness, and helplessness, he spent many days and nights inside the cave without having any courage to face himself and the world. One day while lying down on the cave floor, recollecting the past glory of the kingdom and the lost battles, he noticed a spider weaving a web across the ceiling. Suddenly the web breaks and, the spider falls. It goes up again and continues weaving. After some time, it fell again and climbs up like earlier. This cycle of fall and climb continues several times till it completes the web.
This incident enlightened the king and made him see his failures differently. He thought if a spider can fight back so bravely being a king, why shouldn’t I till I win. King Bruce got out of the cave and the Jungle, collected his soldiers, rebuilt an army, and fought back his enemies. Like earlier, he got defeated again. But this time, he recollected the spiders’ action and decided to fight back till he succeeded. After several wars, finally, he got back his kingdom. Like King Bruce’s story, each one of us may have many failures behind a single success.
Rightly said by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sir, “Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success”.
Here we are attempting to cover failure stories before success. Please read on and give your feedback. Do send the stories of your failures, if you have any. We will write it here. Your anonymity is assured.