talent development


  • A sign that your organization is committed to developing and engaging its workforce. Share your mandatory training needs both technical and personal development, and we will create career path training’s. Top up internal programs seamlessly – to reduce your costs per employee – to sustain a learning culture at your workplace.
  • Employee Management : Interacting with new hires and enabling them to assimilate with your company and its culture at the earliest possible stage.  

Onboarding Programs

  • Starting before day one, and going beyond mere digital onboarding, it’s a complete a social experience. We ensure customizations that will make them brand ambassadors and productive from day 1. We have expertise to curate top-notch onboarding programs both Online and Offline.
  • Onboarding Engagement : There is so much more to work than knowing how to do your job. Creating a new hire experience is the critical aspect of onboarding. Making your teams onboarding a social experience is our strength. “Engagement isn’t necessarily the goal; the goal should be what engagement creates

Refresher Programs

  • To ensure continuous development of workforce to deliver to potential, we help reacquaint them with the new skills, methods, and processes needed for an ever-evolving world. Everyone needs a refresher, be it soft skills managerial skills or leadership development and in this day its individualized training that we have been delivering for the last 7 Years.
  • Employee Engagement has the potential to significantly affect employee retention, productivity and loyalty, it is also a key link to customer satisfaction, company reputation and overall stakeholder value. While the Engagement models are now online and Individualized Rareminds is committed to establish a competitive advantage to HR to set the agenda for employee engagement.


– BCP Leader, HPE

HPE session delivered “Business Continuity – Awareness”

Many things to think about from a new perspective. Trainer was enthusiastic and experienced. Session was interesting and very well managed.

– Kiran, Bounce
There is lot of improvement my skills of software with hands on experience, Designing different software’s which is playing crucial role in my career. Thanks to Rareminds team.

– Automotive Robotic Pvt. Ltd(ARI)
Most effective on the topics covered and gathered more information. Will definitely use them at work.Look forward to the next level.