Campus Hiring

Campus hiring through Rareminds is a facility to reach out to talent based across India. Our Academia networks enable us to give you the edge in finding talent with geographic, and cultural diversity providing a wonderful inclusion to your organization.

Lateral Hiring

Enhance your current talent pool, and organization ability with niche, specialized or intermediate and managerial positions filled through us. We actively source candidates relevant to your requirements as per your timelines.

Diversity Hiring

Rareminds is an awardwinning organization that partners with corporates who are committed to diversity and inclusion initiatives. You can reap the benefit of improving the bottom line with a more diverse workforce.

Leadership Hiring

Your organization runs on people, and we understand the criticality of your executive and senior management positions. Time to source and cost per hire balance is as important a finding the right fit!


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Jayanthi, HR

Freshers are available in plenty but @Rareminds we have received upskilled resources and areminds have topped up the engineer’s with company pre-requisites before onboarding.

Moosa Sayed, HR

Hiring structural engineers through Rareminds has made our resources productive from day one. Rareminds strengths was building strong relationships with their candidates and with their clients.

Sukesha Shetty, HR Mahendra

A quick contract hiring for design engineers led us to eaching out to Rareminds, and they filled the positions in time for the Project kickstart.

Narendra Varma, HR
6th Energy

A 48hour turn around time from sharing resume to closing interview and offer acceptance, only due to tailored approach, consistent communication and followup.