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About The Mindfulness Program


Corporate employees tend to face strees and burnout at workplace due to work patterns. Practicing mindfulness helps to reduce the stress experienced and liberate brain from distractions. Our program provides you with the opportunity to learn how to attend the mindful state. The program is designed in a way to provide you easy access from your home and in your comfort. You will learn what Mindfulness is and the three fundamental concepts of it : Awareness, Non-judgement and Living in the present. The module includes the activities to create awareness of your Emotional, Physical and Mental processes. The advantages of continuous practise of mindfulness is must as a part of Lifestyle change. Some of the benefits if practised regularly are listed below

Reduces rumination
A stress reliever
Helps to Focus
Increases working memory
Improved cognitive flexibility
The Program uses

Audio Visual content
Self Experience Activities
Tools to practise mindfulness daily – as take away.
Outcomes after a 2 hour Session

Learn the ways to bring Mindful awareness to every aspect of life
Practise to guide self to live in Present.
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Understand emotions, respond & express appropriately
Duration : 02 Hours



No prior experience of mindfulness required
Comfortable space (without disturbance)
Stable internet connection
Water bottle & Napkin
Stationery: Paper, Pen, Pencil & Eraser
Printout of the worksheets provided

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to...

Represent and visualize data in the graphical form.

Take data driven strategic decisions.

Design Power BI reports and create Power BI dashboards.

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