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Industrial Visit

What is industrial visit

Industrial visit is proved as one of the most influential methods of teaching. Students visiting the industry offer a great source of industry exposure to the student where they can correlate their actual learning with the real environment. It is an important way to get a good understanding of trendy technologies.

Why it is important

Industrial visit is a part of education, which redefines the classroom experience. It provides students with an opportunity to experience what lies beyond their horizons. Industrial visits introduce students to new experiences, learning techniques, people, and lifestyles. The focus of the education institutes is changing the paradigm from input-based learning to output-based learning, with an emphasis on experiential learning. The core idea is to prepare the students for experiencing the corporate world and understand their culture and learning the current industry’s working model. We want students to learn and explore the real world, which is beyond the realm of a university curriculum.

What we offer

Industrial exposure

We transform & enable education across various disciplines, through the design of experiential content and deliver futuristic industry-specific programs to enhance employability across the globe. We organize industrial visits to provide students of management and engineering streams an insight into the internal working of companies. We should acknowledge the need that theoretical knowledge is not enough in this current dynamic market condition. Apart from theoretical knowledge, one should think more about the practical implementation of their learnings. We provide them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Industrial visits give you an excellent platform to interact with professionals of industries and know more about the work climate of the industry.

Support of Expert Guide

We provide a subject expert guide to each industrial visit who has a keen knowledge of that industry to provide you better insights into that industrial visit.

Get Certified

On a successful industrial visit, you will earn a Certificate that will certify you as a person with practical industry knowledge which will enhance your CV and professional career to provide you better reach.

Who should do this course

  • Students of different streams of engineering like mechanical, electrical, and CS may find it relevant because we provide branch-specific industrial tours to enhance and instill their practical experience and workings of reputed industries.
  • Management students pursuing graduation or PG in Marketing, Finance, and HR may opt for this program as we provide stream-specific industrial tours for management students to gain practical experience in the corporate world.

Industrial Visit program

Industrial visit for Engineering students

Engineering is a diverse field. To gain practical exposure to major areas of engineering, we provide students with a good opportunity to gain full awareness of industrial practices. We provide such industrial tours which will educate engineering students about the new technologies in the market. We provide students an opportunity to make good relationships with companies for future benefits. We organize industry-specific industrial visits for various branches of engineering to enrich their theoretical knowledge with a practical working environment through interaction with authorities from the industry.

How this will benefit you

  • An industrial visit will give you exposure which is mandatory for grasping some engineering techniques and terminology for better understanding.
  • This will introduce you to all the technological developments that the industry adopts. Knowledge of current industry trends in these dynamic market conditions is very important in engineering fields.
  • An industrial visit will create an opportunity for you to increase your networks which will be valuable for your mentorship and career growth.

Industrial visit for Management students

We provide industrial visits to both graduate and post-graduate students of management to bridge the gap between classroom concepts and the practical environment of the corporate world. There you will get a chance to interact with employees as well as authorities of industries to ask queries related to your area of specialization. With these industrial visits, you will be able to get clarity of important management concepts by experiencing their practical implementation in industries.

How this will benefit you

  • Industrial visits will provide you a professional platform to enrich your interpersonal skills.
  • With industrial visits, you will be able to recognize your prospective area of work such as HR, marketing, Finance, logistics, etc.
  • You will get a chance to build your relationship with various industries through effective interaction which will aid benefits at the time of placement.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to

Connect your theoretical learnings to practical working experience.

Line up yourself with the current industry trends.

Increase connections with professionals of industries for fruitful career growth.

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.