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Faculty Wellness Program

What is Faculty Wellness Program

Faculty Wellness Program offers help to regular faculty members of schools and colleges who are experiencing difficulties or any kind of anxieties in their skilled or personal lives.

Why this is Important

In the current scenario, maintaining a work-life balance is nerve-racking. Stress, in turn, can lead to a wide range of personal and professional complications. There is a strong correlation between the extent of stress and career satisfaction, as personal problems can obstruct professional success and create trouble for research, teaching, and working with others. By recognizing and addressing stress and the problems it causes, faculty members will be able to attain their professional and personal aspirations. To promote organizational culture and a healthy work environment that assists excellent wellness and professional fulfillment of the faculty at school, college, and university, this program is very important.

What we Offer

Personalized Training

We provide a highly personalized and tailored training program to meet the personal requirements and address individual needs of faculties of various organizations. Our training offers faculties with various tools, activities, exercises, and proper strategies. It not only optimizes wellness but gives a unique experience. Regular practice of it will provide a sense of relaxation and stress free mind. This faculty wellness program is designed especially for the faculty members of any schools, colleges, or universities to promote mental and emotional wellness among them. Faculty members have the responsibility to balance multiple roles as teachers, researchers, mentors, and managers which creates role ambiguity which sometimes leads to stress. It’s a proven fact that elevated stress is the main factor behind faculty attrition. The program’s ultimate goal is to contribute to faculty members’ professional success and personal well-being. A crucial element to the program’s approach is to identify problems at the earliest so they can be resolved swiftly, thus preventing the occurrence of more serious wreckage.

Learn from Experts

All the programs are delivered by professionals with decades of experience in faculty wellness programs. They have a keen awareness of all the emerging problems in their professional lives and their solutions.

Get Certified

On successful completion of your course, you will earn a Certificate that will certify you as an emotionally and mentally healthy person which will enhance your professional career as a faculty.

Who should do this course

  • Any schools, colleges, or universities who are facing high faculty attrition can organize this faculty wellness program in their respective arena to maintain the balance between health, work, and life of their faculty employee.
  • Individual faculty of any schools, colleges, and universities who are finding it difficult to excel in their professional career due to poor management of stress and anxiety can opt for this course.

Faculty Wellness Program Content

  • Individual counselling
  • Stress management workshops.
  • Self experience activities.
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques.
  • Audio visual video content.
  • Conflict management workshops.

How it will benefit you

  • This program will help you to manage your stress by detoxing your mind.
  • You will learn various coping techniques for stress reduction.
  • This program will improve your mental wellbeing, concentration power, and various yoga exercises will relax your body.
  • You will learn to manage various roles and responsibilities.
  • You will gain complete wellness and improvement in self-esteem.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to

Maintain work-life balance

Detox mind using various coping techniques

Improve personal health and concentration.

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.