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Architecture Photography

Architecture photography Training

Learn the complete AutoCAD skills you need with our instructor-led live training. Our highly personalized CAD training program is designed to equip you with the right set of skills you need to succeed in your organization or industry. This training program will provide you in-depth knowledge about basic features of AutoCAD like layers and dimensions, advanced features like dynamic blocks and 3D workflows. Through this training program, you will learn about AutoCAD tips and tricks, industry toolsets, and how to troubleshoot common CAD errors. We continuously update our course content and training program to include new things in CAD. 

From Basic to Advanced

These practical training programs are prepared in such a way that will suit the needs of the learner as a beginner, amateur as well as professionals. This course can guide anyone interested in architecture photography with or without basic knowledge. In this training program, we will enhance your knowledge about all types of cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment that are being used for exterior as well as interior architecture photography.  As long as you have a good camera in your hand, you can begin experimenting with architecture, real estate photography and we are here to guide you with this exclusive training program for your better professional growth.

Learn from Experts

All courses are delivered by professionals with decades of experience in training architecture photographers. They are highly skilled and have a keen awareness of all the essentials of photography. These professionals can help you to shape your dream of becoming a professional architecture photographer.

Get Certified

On successful completion of this training program, you will earn a certificate which you can add to your CV and share with prospective employers, architect firms, real estate firms, or your professional networks.

What you will learn

  • This Program will help you understand aesthetics and compositions.
  • You will learn how to deal with reflections & bad colors.
  • You will learn how to shoot for photoshop for commercial purposes.
  • You will get to know more about cameras, lenses, and other equipment that are being used in professional architecture photography.
  • Diverse photoshop techniques for elegant commercial architecture photography.
  • Techniques to replace lights, windows, and lamps and how to use the hide-a-light technique.

Who this training is for

  • Beginner photographers who are planning to opt for Architecture Photography as a career.
  • Students of architecture who want to explore more in the field of architecture can opt for this course to add more to their existing skills.
  • Amateur photographers wishing to upgrade their skills as specialized Architecture photographers.
  • Professionals or people who are working in an architect or real estate firm and have a keen interest in architecture photography.

Course content

  • Introduction to Lights, cameras, and lenses.
  • Introduction to additional equipment used in architecture photography.
  • Photographic Architecture at night.
  • Mastering color composition in architectural lighting.
  • Photographing interiors as well as exteriors.
  • Photoshop and image processing.
  • Photographic Commercial properties.
  • Tools and Techniques used in architecture photography.
  • Photo Critique.

Why this Training is important

  • This training will give you in-depth knowledge about how to shoot and edit architectural photos.
  • This course covers all the methods and techniques which are required for the right approach to commercial architecture photography.
  • After completing this Training program you will be able to work on beautiful architecture photography for low-budget assignments.
  • This Training will make you understand how to achieve perfect interior and exterior lighting for commercial photographs.
  • This training program will upgrade your basic photography knowledge to an advanced level which can enrich your photography skills for professional purposes.

By the end of this course you will learn how to

Shoot for photoshop for commercial Photography

Deal with reflections for commercial.

Tools and techniques for interior as well as exterior photoshoot.

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.