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Career Counselling Program

While Career Counselling is looked up as a good tool to take a step in the right direction even before, it is importance is paramount than ever before during these testing post Covid times where we see a lot of changes in the nature of jobs and lot of industries like hospitality, travel and tourism taking a big hit economically.

Career Counselling Process

Career Counselling Online Process involves taking a psychometric test which helps evaluate your interests, aptitude, personality traits, emotional quotient and orientation style.

  • 1. Once you have taken your psychometric assessment, the career counsellor will meet with you to plan further.

  • 2. He / She will have a discussion with you to better understand your assessment and provide updated information about the various careers that are suitable or that might interest you.

  • 3. Once this is done, the career counsellor will develop a plan / framework to achieve tour career goals.

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