Part I Expectations of a Fresh Management Graduate
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The exhilaration that a management graduate feels after passing out is something that cannot be described, I guess. She is impatient to conquer the world. Let us analyse what her expectations could be.

An eagerness to learn

Every management graduate is a learner and she is impatient to assimilate as much as possible as quickly as possible. She expects a lot from the leadership and it would be a pity if she is disappointed. She wants to know more about her role and the company, in general. It is the seniors’ duty to keep the enthusiasm at the same level, while cautioning her of the pitfalls she may face.

The young professional wants to change the pace of doing things

For a new entry, the corporate scene may seem a bit slow to her liking. She wants decisions to be taken fast so that work progresses. Here is where she may have to be counselled. This is because the consequences of certain actions may not be realized by freshers. This is only because certain things come only with experience.

The newcomer looks up to the leadership for guidance and advice

While they are enthusiastic and excited, newcomers are full of apprehension on whether what they say and do are in order. They expect some handholding in these areas till they gain in confidence. If the person is not encouraged, her initiative and enthusiasm may suffer a huge blow.

Summarizing, the expectations would be:

  • An opportunity to learn
  • To hasten processes
  • Guidance and advice
  • Encouragement
  • Handholding when and where required

These are a few thoughts that come to mind on the subject. Let us be clear on one score. These freshers are potential leaders and assets to any organization. If we nurture them well, we win.

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