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Part II | Expectations of a Fresh Management Graduate

In the previous post we had looked at what a fresh MBA would expect when he or she enters the corporate world. In this post let us look at this the other way. What would a company expect from management graduates whom they have recruited after several rounds of interviews? As in the case of the joiners, the expectations of the company managements are high. This is, in a great measure, because of the time, cost and efforts invested in the recruitment effort.

Probably the most important quality expected from freshers is an ability to communicate concisely and with confidence. This is something that raises one’s image and makes a statement of confidence.

Every employer expects their employees to be able to multitask and produce results in every activity they are assigned. This will require speed and ability to switch attention levels when needed. A natural corollary of this is this is the ability to work under conditions of stress, when required. These days employers are moving to a situation where employee stress is minimised. Having said this, the demands of urgency may be otherwise, at times. The ability to work with changes in environments and tasks is an asset in present day scenarios.

The ability to be tech savvy, especially when it pertains to computer knowledge and application is a quality that is expected of every budding professional. Without this one can lose steam.

On the social side, the expectations are usually that the person shows keenness in mixing well in company, and to be able to engage on matters of current affairs and the developments in the industry.

Summarizing, an ideal employee to have would be one who can:

  • Communciate well
  • Multitask and work under stress and in changing conditions
  • Be tech savvy
  • Socialise well

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4 April, 2021