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Healthcare Recruitment and Staffing Trends in 2021

2020 was a year of loss, sorrow and struggle but also a year of building mental toughness and being resilient. The healthcare industry in particular had undergone a massive transformation that has created a ripple effect on the recruitment and hiring process in the entire industry. General processes have been modified and a new working system has been integrated. To help you navigated through this changing dynamic, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing Trends that you can expect in 2021.

1. Widening Job Opportunities for the Healthcare Professionals

2020 was especially hard on the healthcare industry. To deal with the strain, the healthcare industry ramped up the hiring process across the different verticals. As per Michael Page India’s ‘Talent Trends 2021 Report”, there will be a continued increase in hiring within hospitals as well as further training and nurturing to retain high-potential talent. In 2021, high recruitment across segments such as pharmaceuticals and diagnostics is expected. Active recruitment activities would surge with 69% of healthcare professionals actively seeking other job opportunities and another 27% passively open to new roles. Hence for job seekers, now would be a good time to upskill yourself and look for job opportunities.

2. Shift from Permanent to Temporary Staffing

Due to the macroeconomic downturn caused due to Covid- 19, the healthcare sector has started exploring the Contract Staffing option. Healthcare HRs are looking to hire employees on a contract basis to deal with the employee shortage and the increasing workload. The Pharma Business HRs are especially resorting to a temporal workforce for filling roles such as on-field and remote medical representatives, workers in their manufacturing unit and counter sales personnel to target specific geographies they deem fit. These contract jobs would be beneficial for individuals who have an employment gap in their CV or people who would like to take a break during Covid.

3. Remuneration Increase

Healthcare and Life sciences organizations have seen robust growth last year and will continue on this tailwind this year as well. Although many organizations have rolled back on salary cuts or given bonuses, the healthcare domain has seen the highest percentage of average salary increase at 8%. In 2021, remuneration increases are anticipated to attract new hires across the healthcare sector in India. The healthcare and life sciences sector will offer the highest salary increases to new hires, estimated up to 15-25% and 15-20% respectively; more than any other industry. Talent Retention will be at the forefront of the HRs of the healthcare field.

4. Focus on Employee Benefits

The pandemic had changed the perspective of job seekers and pushed them to reevaluate their priorities. Job seekers are looking for companies that understand their emotional needs and support them. Benefits such as medical aid, health insurance, mental health resources and hazard pay have joined the radar of evaluation along with good remuneration for the candidates. 45% of healthcare firms have given out more than one month of bonus to retain existing talent. Worldwide, healthcare HRs are revisiting their existing benefit packages to enhance their desirability as an employer. Surveys have been an effective tool to narrow down the required benefits to shape a relevant job offer. Rareminds team of experienced recruiters are also happy to help uncover the desired benefits for an excellent job offer and liaison between the two parties..

5. Increased Adoption of Virtual and Remote Practices

What? Remote working in the Healthcare Domain? Yes, you heard it right. The touch of technology has tethered the healthcare space too, especially when it comes to the pre-selection of the candidates for the interview round. A ton of companies are undertaking the final interview in the virtual medium as well. Online interviews have increased recruitment efficiency have significantly shortened the time and cost of hiring and reduced the risk of bias. Hence like other individuals, job seekers in the healthcare field need to be familiar with the etiquettes of virtual communication. We have a special behavioral course to help you ace your virtual interview. Please visit the link for more details

Pro Career Tip: Pandemic or not, virtual interviews are here to stay. Be quick and master the art of the online interview.

We hope these inputs will help you provide better clarity on how to approach your recruitment and staffing strategy for the healthcare domain. Please drop a reply below and let us know your thoughts.

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26 May, 2021