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Eight Essential Tips for Working from Home with Kids

Eight Essential Tips for Working from Home with Kids

Even though Covid19 seems like it has quiet down a bit and we are the brink of finding a successful vaccine, people are still afraid to commute and go to office. Sensing this sentiment, many companies allow their employees to work from home ensuring the safety of their employees. While Work from home might seem like a boon, it does comes with its shortfalls as well. Like managing kids successfully while you hustle with your work at home.

Eight tips for working from home with kids

Here are eight essential tips for working from home with kids:

Get Creative With Your Schedule

It’s important that you align your day carefully with fixed “Office” hours.How many hours are you hoping to work that day? When will you return the calls on your mobile? What can you accomplish when you son/daughter is drawing in the next room? You can get more done if you work smarter and not harder.

With that being said, one of the greatest benefits of working from home is flexibility, whether you are your own boss or you work for a company. If your son or daughter is pestering you to play with them outside, it’s okay to set your assignments aside for a shortwhile and join them. You can catch up on work later when your kids have settled down.

Make Good use of your Kids’ Naptime

Whether your kids sleeps for one hour of three, utilize this time to finish work that needs your utmost focus or concentration.
If for some reason, your kids aren’t tired, then they must have little quiet time instead, utilize this time to get some work done even if it’s as little as half an hour.

Designate a Work Area

To isolate yourself separately from the rest of the house, set up an work area which will be used for strictly work purposes. Also, mention to your kids that this work area is strictly off-limits.

Keep your Kids Entertained

If your kids have something to look forward to, then they are less likely to interrupt you. You can set aside some toys for them to play with or you can arrange play-dates for them or even you can setup special movie screenings at your home so that you get some quality work time.

Plan for Unexpected Interruptions

No matter how much you prepare for that important call, there might be unexpected interruptions from your kids. They might be hungry or there might be some other reason. Make a cardboard sign or sign of some sort (tie a ribbon on the door) and inform your kids that you do not want to be disturbed when there is a sign on the door.

Seek Extra Help If You Need It

You might have thought that work from home means that you may skip child care, but you soon came to realize that it’s not the case. During these times, you can speak with other working Moms in your network and have a play date for the kids. More often than not, kids will keep you as well their moms alone as they will be engaged playing with each other and won’t disturb you.

Let Kids Make Some Choices

Give your kids a list of choices such as coloring, dance party, crafts, cooking as well as the cleaning at the end of the list. Obviously, kids wouldn’t want to get to the bottom of the list and get stuck cleaning, so they chose something else in the list. Also, having your kids self-serve meals and snacks will teach them to be more independent.

Communicate With Your Coworkers

If you are going to have a conference call and know beforehand that there might be unavoidable noises in the background, inform your coworkers at the beginning of the conversation. This way, when it happens, your coworkers are a little more prepared and not thrown off by the distraction.

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