KEY to Education

KEY to Children Education

Rareminds has initiated & driving the project KEY (Keep Empowering Young Minds) to make education available to under privilege students during Covid-19. This can only be made possible when we all join hands together.

We all have stuff at home, which is no more of any use to us, while the same stuff can make difference in someone’s life. You can contribute by giving away your old but working condition mobile phone, tablets or laptop which can be used for E-learning or contribute by paying for these facilities.

As a part of Mindful CSR program we have given hope and scope to educate these underprivileged children & we wish for you to join us and  do the same. Rareminds and our supporters together have kick started the process and 91 Children/School Students benefited so far. With Further love and support on 26th January 2021, we will reach more than 100.

It is the month of giving, take a few moments and be there for a child whilst their parent work to get home a meal.

The year is almost coming to an end and you can step up to make India a digital country. You can donate a device to access technology, whilst Rareminds continues to provide them free education.

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