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Our Story

  • An organization founded by a woman, led by a team of women and creating ripples in talent acquisition from a diversity angle.
  • Rareminds recognizes the inadequacy of continuous learning amongst individuals to cope with Industry needs of today & tomorrow for employability and productivity, more so in the case of Millennials, Rural talent & Tier 3 institutions.
  • To transform and enable deployability across disciplines, through design of experiential content and deliver futuristic specific programs to enhance employability across the globe.
  • Rareminds Pvt. Ltd. as an enterprise creates learning habits in students through a Multi-Channel Hybrid Learning solution that covers technical, functional and personal skills. Customized curriculum design combined with our applied learning modules ensure end to end result-oriented solutions.
Our journey started with Individual development but over the years, our evolved capabilities of constant innovation and consistent development has driven us to expand beyond individual development and today it extends to Educational institutions and corporates. Our end to end solutions aimed at driving excellence across the education space has today made us the most preferred choice not just by Individuals but also by Educational institutions across India and several corporates across sectors.