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Connecting organizations and Talent from Institutions that create synergy in terms of Skills, personalities and alignment with the brand has forever, been, a proverbial Jigsaw puzzle. But, with Rareminds Pvt. Ltd., this challenging process is now easier than ever before.
Welcome to Rareminds, an Industry Academia interface platform that offers twin solutions to empower Individuals harness their potential and then partner with Corporates for talent acquisition. Competent and Able Rural Talent who aspire to be Graduates, Engineers and MBAs undergo Internships, Projects. Curriculum is curated to meet each student needs mapped to their abilities, interests and industry roles that results in upskilling to meet Industry expectations. Organizations, on the other hand get to harness the best resources by accessing Raremind’s upskilled pool of Resources.
Our journey started with Individual development but over the years, our evolved capabilities of constant innovation and consistent development has driven us to expand beyond individual development and today it extends to Educational institutions and corporates. Our end to end solutions aimed at driving excellence across the education space has today made us the most preferred choice not just by Individuals but also by Educational institutions across India and several corporates across sectors.
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